That’s how we roll roll

Surfsurf-scheveningenLast Friday Dufarge was present at the Now We Are Talking Festival in Scheveningen. The festival was hosted by Typeradio ( and saw a massive amount of designers, type lovers, surfers, skaters and all around good people gathering for a day of talks, workshops, beer, surf and skating. Since we like (type) design, surfing, skating and beer we teamed up with Surfsurf blog ( and our Swiss design friend Roger Gaillard ( and designed a poster for this festival. The font was custom made for the occasion (inspired by a vintage surf ad), cut into lino and hand pressed onto 30 posters. Together these 30 posters form an animation that shows the origin of rolling. So when the sun went down we set up the beamer, stacked a table with Dufarge shirts and opened a few beers.
Anyway, we have bunch of these posters left and they will be for sale in the shop pretty soon. Only 30 made, extremely insanely exclusive limited edition stuff! No way! Yes way.