• skate48 video contest

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    Don’t know what we were thinking entering this thing…

    This weekend will be the third edition of the SKATE48 video contest at Zuidepark in Rotterdam. The idea is you film a part at the Zuiderpark with a maxumimum of 6 skaters and 1 videographer. You then have 1 day to edit and drop the end result off on monday. Winners will be decided at a screening later that month.

    With our regular team riders bailing on us to film with the Bombaklats posse (why sneep.., why Dennie..?) or wandering the Heimat (Stefan), we resorted to the one team we knew we could count on (or whom nobody wanted): the Dufarge sticker team. With these group of misfits we’ll give it our best and if you want to join in on the fun, drop by this weekend in the Zuiderpark for beers and some skating and you’ll be garanteed a spot in the edit (as long as you don’t suck too badly. See you there! #lobiboys!

  • Dennie lines in Utrecht

    A few weeks ago we filmed a bit of footie with Dennie in the Utrecht Skatepark. The guy is a machine, so stoked on his lines!