Insane new cam at Hoek van Holland

Hoekhoek-webcamThis just in: hooked the Hoek van Holland locals up with a brand new webcam. The new cam is better situated than the one there is already, it is HD and streaming. We love it! This is what they have to say about the initiative:

Who wouldn’t want to have a beach front house with a clear view of your home surf spot? Waves minutes away from your comfy chair and fresh cup of coffee… Well, since that is not going to happen anytime soon SURFSURF teamed up with beach club Dechi Beach and came up with a pretty good alternative: a HD (streaming) cam aimed at our beloved local spot Hoek van Holland. Now you can check the surf from your not quite beach front house and still have that cup of coffee in your comfy chair…

Thanks to Dechi Beach for their assistance, patience and the best après surf sandwich in Hoek van Holland!

Enjoy the view!