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  • Dennie lines in Utrecht

    A few weeks ago we filmed a bit of footie with Dennie in the Utrecht Skatepark. The guy is a machine, so stoked on his lines!

  • New old Sneep footie

    Here is some new old footie Sneep saved whilst making the Bombaklats film. Lucky us!


    DUF-gstar-blog [fblike style=”standard” showfaces=”false” width=”450″ verb=”like” font=”arial”] The last 2 months we’ve been working on a fun project. Early november we received an email from Glamcult Magazine asking us if we were interested in working with G-Star on a denim inspired version of one of our iconic products. For us it was obvious to use our Bink Cruiser as a starting point. It is handmade and really emphasises what Dufarge is about: making quality stuff with our friends. We’ve met at the G-Star atelier to discuss options and possibilities and from the start we were interested in trying to make a denim based board.

    [wooslider slide_page=”g-star-making-of” slider_type=”slides” limit=”8″]


    G-Star came up with an interesting material called Micarta, a canvas composite in a thermosetting plastic. G-Star had made a denim version of this in the past and it seemed like a nice material to shape a board out of. Unfortunately it wasn’t available and extremely expensive to make. We tried various other materials but none felt like a good fit for a G-Star inspired denim board. When discussing options we had a chat about how surfboards were made and we had a ‘epiphany’.  What if we made our own Micarta. We ordered a large roll of denim, bought a bucket of epoxy and we were on our way!


    The layered denim/epoxy outcome was really strong and felt like a proper DIY micarta experiment. We did a few different versions but the full denim one was the one we like the most. After a lot of discussing we decided to keep graphics to a minimum to keep all focus on the material. We also had the trucks dipped in a copper bath and water to give it an oxidised look, just like the rivets on jeans. The few graphics we did use were designed together with our teamrider Stefan whom we involved for the accompanying jacket as well.
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    Pretty stoked…

    Just in time for the opening we dropped of finished board and jacket and felt mighty proud when we walked into the exhibition and saw the amount of attention the board and jacket got. Time for drinks!

  • Glamcult x G-star x Dufarge

    [twocol_one]05_20131202_GCDenim_0004-jeroen-w-mantelPhoto: Jeroen W. Mantel[/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last]In between packing OMA flag decks we are already busy on another exciting new project. Glamcult asked us to be part of RAW & RISING, a project where craftsmen (us obviously) team up with denim masters G-Star Raw to give their most iconic project a G-Star twist. We have had a couple of meetings, exchanged a lot of ideas and now we are trying to tie all loose ends into something Dufarge and G-Star worthy. We’ll keep you updated on the process and the final exhibition somewhere in januari. [/twocol_one_last]

  • OMA flag deck

    Our favourite spot is is nothing more than a big slab of asphalt (it also has a curb but that one is mostly used to have a beer on) in the middle of Rotterdam. It was quickly dubbed Rem’s Flag after Rem Koolhaas, the internationally renowned architect, who together with his firm OMA (or the AMO think tank in this case) is responsible for the flag design that makes up the floor. It’s big, beautiful and makes you kind of dizzy when skating across.

    The flag intends to represent the essence of Europe, showing it as the common effort of different nation states, with each state retaining its own cultural identity while sharing the advantages of acting together (stolen from the OMA website).

    To honour our minimalist skate spot we worked with OMA on a limited edition skateboard deck (only 80 boards available).

  • skarchitecture colab coming up


    For (quite) a while we have been working on a board with a well known and world renowned rotterdam based architecture firm on a new board. To get this deck done the way we wanted it to be we went to great lengths to find the right manufacturer. One that could actually print the amount of Pantone colours needed. We finally found San Diego based woodshop Generator and we couldn’t be more stoked. This company is, for us, the holy grail of skateboard manufacturing. At one point or another all the hotshot brands went there to get their boards made (before they moved to the far east or south of the border). Anyway keep your eyeballs in hyper focus for the official announcement on this ot get one of these limited edition boards. Soon, very soon!

  • City surfing: the Dufarge x Bink cruiser video

    Here’s a clip we made to show the amount of love that went into making our hand made cruisers. Rinke made the boards, we did the screen printing and Dennie is responsible for shredding it to splinters. Enjoy!

  • Bombaklats video online

    From june 1st on the Bombaklats crew will put up the video online for all to see. One part a day.

    bombaklats youtube channel

  • Bombaklats x Dufarge boards are here

    tumblr_mm0inveFky1spzjxbo1_1280Just in time for this fridays Bombaklats premiere at Worm, Rotterdam. If you have pre-ordered one of these gems (or a t-shirt as well) be sure to bring some hard earned cash. See you there!

  • Get your Bombaklats X Dufarge gear here!

    [twocol_one]tumblr_mm0ioaxQKi1spzjxbo1_1280[/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last]

    We are proud to announce a collaboration with our Bombaklats friends. On april 5th they will premiere their new video at Worm and for this occasion we designed a t-shirt and deck with them. Both will be available on the night of the premiere.
    If you don’t want to miss out (as we only have a limited amount of both shirts and decks) please click on the link below and fill out the order form so you can pre-order a shirt or board (or both).

    Please note that this is only possible until march 7th, 17:00. After this we will not accept any more pre-orders. Pre-orders will be pick up only on the night of the premiere.

    –> Sign up form[/twocol_one_last]