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  • Gimme shelter: Dufarge at Pier 15

    When days get shorter, colder and streets seem to stay wet forever you know it is time to hit the parks. Luckily Pier 15 opened up this year and the amazing course quickly became a favorite resulting in an almost weekly Rotterdam-Breda commute. This edit is a recap of the Dufarge Pier 15 sessions so far. More to come as the weather stays shitty anyway…

  • Sneep flatground fissa (means party)

    We are on a (video edit) roll! Last time we unveiled our first Michael Schaap edit to the world for an eyeball frenzy. And now we have our OG team rider Sneep showing you what he is good at and why we love him.

  • Michael Schaap is on the team

    A while ago while skating our beloved Rem’s Flag we saw this guy with a huge afro blazing around doing high speed flips and equally fast grinds. It kind of looked like he was in a hurry and had to get somewhere else soon. He looked kind of puzzled when we asked him and replied: Ehm, no… that’s how I usually skate. From that moment on we knew we wanted him on the team. So welcome michael and make yourself at home.

  • Badbadnotgood is pretty good



    [/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last]The BBNG album has had some serious airplay at Dufarge headquarters when it first came out. So when our friends from Los Bangeles casually told us they are hosting an evening at Bird with Badbadnotgood we got pretty excited.

    When you are in the Rotterdam area on September 11th drop by Bird Jazz Club at 20.30 and join the fun.

    Hope to see you there, we’ll drink a beer!

    september 11th, 2014
    starts at 20.30
    Bird Rotterdam
    Raampoortstraat 26

  • Noise magazine launch

    [twocol_one]NOISE magazine launch[/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last]On thursday the 17th of july Sevenply Skateshop in Rotterdam will host a modest release party for the premier issue of NOISE magazine, a Rotterdam based skateboard magazine. In conjunction with Levi’s Skateboarding and Bavaria (can’t have a party without a proper beer sponsor) we will drink to this glorious occasion.

    The magazine features photos by young photographer Thomas Wieringa and showcases the best up and coming skateboarders Holland has to offer. If you are in the area join us, we will have free beers, stickers, t-shirts and of course mags to give away.

    Oh, and the reason we are posting this is because we have a proper ad in the magazine! We’ve asked our German liaison Stefan to shoot a photo and do some drawings for it. Came out pretty nice. [/twocol_one_last]

  • DIY zine: sweet memories

    Every once in a while we receive something nice and a while ago the postman dropped an envelope on out doormat courtesy of Michael Heitz from Germany. It contained two home made zines called Sweet Memories and is full of artsy stuff: Skate photos, art, sketches and some whatnot. Hand stenciled and numbered. Thanks for that and keep ’em coming!

    Oh, and here’s an interview with the creator, it’s in german though…

  • more tanking, less wanking

    Our entry for this years Skate48 video contest is finally online and visible for all eyeballs. Enjoy this epic shredit that was definitely saved by clip stacker Marcel Klaver. He dropped some serious lines in just 1 hour. We were so impressed by this we humbly asked him if he wanted to be part of the Dufarge family and he kindly obliged. STTTTTOOOOOOKKKKKEEEEDDD!!!!

  • Greetings from Gouda

    Sneep and Dennie having fun at the new Gouda skatepark. Accidently, sticker teamster Twan was involved in the design process. Have fun!

  • skate48 video contest

    Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 15.16.13

    Don’t know what we were thinking entering this thing…

    This weekend will be the third edition of the SKATE48 video contest at Zuidepark in Rotterdam. The idea is you film a part at the Zuiderpark with a maxumimum of 6 skaters and 1 videographer. You then have 1 day to edit and drop the end result off on monday. Winners will be decided at a screening later that month.

    With our regular team riders bailing on us to film with the Bombaklats posse (why sneep.., why Dennie..?) or wandering the Heimat (Stefan), we resorted to the one team we knew we could count on (or whom nobody wanted): the Dufarge sticker team. With these group of misfits we’ll give it our best and if you want to join in on the fun, drop by this weekend in the Zuiderpark for beers and some skating and you’ll be garanteed a spot in the edit (as long as you don’t suck too badly. See you there! #lobiboys!

  • Tilburg Dufarge Tour

    Last Saturday we went on a trip with all the Dufarge homies. Here is an edit with all of our crappy iphone clips and some legit camera action. All in a days work. Better than Cherry, garanteed!